Bet Angel
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Activating the API in Bet Angel

Having logged into Bet Angel, open the Bet Angel Settings and switch to the Bet Angel API tab.
By default the API runs on port 9000 of the PC (e.g. http://localhost:9000 ), but you can modify the port used on this settings page.
Tick the first check box to switch on the API.
Note: if you intend to run multiple instances of Bet Angel on the same PC then each one using the API should be assigned a different port number.
Advanced: If you wish to call the API from another PC on your network, please see this page
If you tick 'Capture diagnostics information' then the Url of every message received by the API and the data length of the response will be logged.
If 'Include Data' is ticked then the actual message contents and response data will be logged.
Press 'Open log folder' to see the log files; they are split by date and hour of the day.
Ticking 'Play sound alert when placing a bet' asks Bet Angel to play the Placing Bet alert sound file whenever a bet is placed using the API.
The last item of the settings page is a link to our HTML & JavaScript test page. You can run this in a web browser to experiment with the API, viewing the endpoint to be used, the JSON message to be sent and the response given once the message has been sent.