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Calling the API from another PC

Although by default the API will be expected to be called from the same PC using a http://localhost: address, with a bit of Windows configuration it is possible to allow the API to be called from another PC:

1) Configure Bet Angel

Choose 'Entered IPv4 address' in the Host address section of the API settings, and enter the IP address of your PC that is running Bet Angel. In this case we've used the IP address and have kept the port number as the default value of 9000.

2) Reserve the URL using Netsh

In Windows, open a command prompt with Admin privilege and enter: netsh http add urlacl user=Everyone
(replacing the IP address and the port number as required to match the settings you've used in Bet Angel).
If successful you'll see the message: URL reservation successfully added
Note: If you wish to remove the reservation at any point you can do so with the command: netsh http delete urlacl

3) Open the port in Windows firewall

a) Open Windows Defender Firewall and click on 'Advanced settings'
b) Select Inbound Rules on the left and click 'New Rule' on the right
c) In the wizard that appears, choose 'Port' then on the Next page choose 'TCP' and 'Specific local ports' and enter the port that you will use with Bet Angel (in this example it's 9000).
d) On the next page choose 'Allow the connection' and, on the Next page, apply the rule to 'Domain' and 'Private'.  Note: there is no need to select 'Public' unless your PC is configured to run as a Public network.
e) On the final page enter 'Bet Angel API' as the name and then click Finish.
You will now see Bet Angel API in the list of Inbound Rules.

4) Configuration is complete

You can now Activate the Bet Angel API on the Bet Angel Settings screen and will be able to make calls from any PC on your network to the address.
For instance with the IP address and Port used in this example a call could be: