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Event Filtering Watch List

Once you have added your markets to a Watch List either manually or by syncing all the markets in guardian you can filter the markets that are shown by either an event or single market.
This will allow you to create flexible and dynamic Watch Lists alongside your normal trading (or alongside other Watch Lists). For instance it could be used to show a small display of the prices of all runners in the horse race you are currently trading on a main screen. 
Alternatively you maybe trading on football and used a Coupon to load hundreds of markets into a Watch List, you could use 'Event Filtering' to zone in on just the markets relating to the specific match that you have clicked on in Guardian.
Or if you have spawned multiple markets it can become context sensitive, allowing the list to dynamically filter as the mouse moves, ie, showing related markets to the selected soccer match.
To do this you first need to enable the 'Event Filtering Picklist' option under the 'Display' tab of your watch list
You'll then be able to set your 'Event Filtering Picklist Options' and  choose whether you want to show filtering by Markets, filtering by Events or both.
If both are selected you'll see the following options appear in your 'Events Picklist'
Show Only the Event that is Selected in Guardian
When this filter is used if you have multiple markets from the same event ie, in a football match you may have all the Match Odds, Correct Score, O/U 1.5, 2.5, 3.5, BTTS etc for several fixtures by clicking on any market from a fixture in Guardian the watch list will then display that and all other markets for that fixture.
In the image below the Bournemouth Vs Man City match odds market has been selected in Guardian so the watch list has now filtered and displayed only those markets relating to the Bournemouth Vs Man City from those currently in Guardian.
Show Only the Event that is on the Main Trading Screen
Similar to above but displays the markets from the event you have on your main trading screen ie, your One-Click, Ladder or Dutching screen etc. Each time you open a new market to one of those screens it and all it's related markets you have in guardian will be displayed in the watch list. 
Show Only the Event that is Under the Mouse Cursor
This is handy if you have spawned multiple markets onto new Ladder or One-Click screens, as you hover your cursor over each window the watch list will dynamically change and display other markets you have in Guardian for that event.
Show Only the Market that is Selected in Guardian
Similar to the event options above but this only displays the market that you currently have selected in Guardian on the watch list, this can be especially handy on Tennis markets if you quickly want to flick through the markets in Guardian and see the live scores for a match.
Show Only the Market that is Selected on the Main Screen
As above but shows only the market currently on your main trading screen, this again is useful if trading tennis markets and to see the live scores as soon as you open a market.
Show Only the Market that is Under the Mouse Cursor
If you have multiple markets spawned in new ladder or one-click screens as you hover your mouse cursor over each one that market will be displayed in your watch list.