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Spreadsheet handling

Guardian offers advanced spreadsheet handling features if you load multiple markets.
If you load an entire days racing for example, you can choose to link all the markets to individual spreadsheets. You can ‘bind’ or link each spreadsheet within your workbook to each individual market as described here.
Clear Bindings
You may wish to reset the sheet. You can do this in one go by clicking on ‘Clear bindings’.
Auto Bind Spreadsheets
If you want to quickly add all the markets to your workbook's worksheets, then just click on ‘Auto-bind Bet Angel sheets’ and this will automatically bind each unallocated sheet (whose name starts with ‘Bet Angel’)
Auto Clear Bindings
The ‘Excel sheet’ column in Guardian will remain linked to the market chosen even after a market is settled and no longer available. If you wish to clear this binding once a market is settled than you can choose to do this by ticking this setting. This will then free up your spreadsheet for use with another market.