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Using the Bet Angel margin maker

In this example you can see that we have laid a book but ticked the margin maker function. This is telling is that if we want to make 5% margin on this match the draw would need to be priced at digital odds of 3.35. How do we know that the odds could reach 3.35? This will happen when the match goes in play and there is not a goal before around 30 minutes. Of course you will need to make a judgment on whether this will happen or not, so there is more risk with this strategy but your stake value is massively reduced.
Of course you can see you can do this with any sports event not just soccer. We have picked the John smiths Melling steeplechase at Aintree and applied the same selection criteria. Here you can see that if Well Chief, the odds on favourite, comes in to 1.80 in running we will net a £10 profit. We don’t need to worry about Well Chief winning the race we just want to see that he comes into contention at some point during the race. If he does we will make money not just if Well Chief wins but any horse in the race!
The ability to carry over bets in in-running markets is something never previously available before betting exchanges came into being. This ability gives us a very useful way of increasing the type and range of books you make and the possibility of getting your book completed in your favour.  Use the ‘Saved bets’ tab to carry bets over to an in-running market.
In small fields the margin maker function takes on another characteristic. If there are only two selections you can use the margin maker to automatically price the entire market quickly, easily and effectively. This allows you to enter a double trade in the market with just one click and a good chance of filling. In the following screen shot you can see we are on an in-play snooker market. We have laid the field, all two of them, at the current back price with 1% margin. ‘Shaun Murphy’ is the likely winner of this event and as his win gets more certain our order at 1.05 will complete. As John Parrott struggles to get back into the game we would expect his price to drift or stay at a similar level. As we have ticked ‘John Parrott’ as the margin maker Bet Angel has worked out that if we lay Shaun Murphy at 1.05 we need to lay John Parrott at 17. If both orders are filled we will make 1% profit. You can see that we would lay John Parrott at a price that is currently not available and therefore we are highly likely to get this order filled.