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Using Value Based Colour Profiles

Once you've created and saved your Value Based Colour profile, it will be ready to be used as a 'Background' and/or 'Text' colour in your Custom Columns (or in the Ladder's 'Additional Information' area).

One-Click Screen

Using the example created on the previous page on the One-Click screen, begin by opening the Custom Column Editor on the One-Click screen and create your custom column, then in the 'Button Colours' area you'll see the options to set a 'Background' and/or 'Text' colour.
Your 'Value Based Colour' profile can then be selected from these pick list menus. 
NB; all your Value Based Colour profiles can be used as either your 'Background' or 'Text'
Once you've selected your colour profile and saved your custom column go back onto your One-Click screen to enable by clicking the icon and select it from your list.
You will now see the 'Price Range' custom column and how the 'Value Based Colour' will display the prices to you


Using a Value Based Colour in your Guardian markets list is identical to the One-Click screen and is done by creating a custom column. In the image below I already have a colour settings profile which uses the colour style 'Linear Colour Gradient' with 6 colours, and the profile is named 'Percentage Timer'.
The custom column I'm creating in Guardian is to display a stored value for the market named 'remaining%', this value is derived using a rules file applied to the market which works out how much of the horse race is remaining as a percentage.
The custom column will display the numerical value of the percentage remaining and by using the Percentage Timer colour profile as the 'background' colour for the column means it will dynamically change from green when there is 100% of the race remaining through to red as the percentage value reduces and it nears the end of the race.


When creating a coupon open the custom columns tab and click the to add a new custom column, from here you'll be able to select the colour settings you want to use on the Header Row 1, Header Row 2 and Selection Row.
In the image below the same 'Percentage Timer' colour settings profile as the Guardian example above has been used.
The percentage remaining in a race with changing background colour will now be displayed in the Header Row 1 column in your Coupon


To use a 'Value Based Colour' on your ladder trading screen you need to open the ladder settings editor by clicking the

next to your ladder profiles and select the 'Additional Information' tab
In the image below the 'Additional Information' has been configured to display two Shared Stored Values for the market named 'total_matched_market' and another named 'lay_liability_matched'. These values are derived using a rules file applied to the market which calculates your total matched bets.
This time rather than a 'Background colour' a 'Text colour' has been selected to be used, the profile chosen is called 'Matched Bets on Market', this profile uses the colouring style  'Threshold Based Colouring' and will display text in black while the value is less than 500, but once the value is greater than 500 the colour will change to red. The image below shows how this Value Based Colour profile was configured
When the profile is used we can see above the ladders in the 'Additional Information' space the matched bets and lay bet liability totals, and because there has been greater than £500 of bets matched in this market that Stored Value has changed colour to red
NB, The Bet Angel forum has a dedicated section where you can download ready-made settings files including those you see above, these can all be found in the Customization section.