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Welcome to Bet Angel

When I joined Betfair as one of the very first customers back in June 2000, I never dreamt how far the simple concept of a betting exchange would go.
In the early days I could see many opportunities, but the market completely lacked the tools I needed to try and achieve all the things I knew were possible. Therefore I set about creating a team that could not only create the tools but also have the vision to deliver my ideas from concept to fruition. Since those early days Bet Angel has consistently been first to deliver features that have not been seen before in sports markets. Features such as 'Keep bets' and 'cash out' first appeared in Bet Angel before being adopted by Betfair. This is something we aim to continue and we are driven by a desire to continuing to be the best of class software on the market.
We want to achieve that because that is part of my edge in the market. As I explore the markets and discover new opportunities, I am pleased to say Bet Angel has continued to mature to explore all the opportunities available. I am pleased you have chosen to use Bet Angel and would like to welcome you to the journey.
Betting exchanges have changed significantly and we should be grateful to the creators, innovators and promoters of exchanges for the hard work they have put in to bring exchanges to this point. It has opened up many ways for everybody to participate in modern betting markets and more importantly, in ways inconceivable not that long ago.
I look forward to continuing to develop Bet Angel and I am indebted to the wonderful support and work of the team here and the support of the exchanges in aiding us in our development of the product and our pursuit of excellence.
Peter Webb