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We were all new to Bet Angel once. Ask any question you like here and fellow forum members promise not to laugh. Betfair trading made simple.
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BOT needed:
Each day I create a list of selections for Australian, New Zealand and UK and South Africa horseracing.
NZ and Australia are done AM and UK and South Africa PM.
I am in Australia.
These are the broad parameters.
1. Bets come in via batches automatically
2. There are about 5 selections per race- all BACK bets
3. Win and place
4. Level stakes on each.
5. The bet is only attempted to be placed when the overall market is down to about 106%win and 330 % place ( can be varied)
6. Before the Betfair market gets down to 106% the asking price is 990-1 – which is rarely met –so the bet just sits there waiting to be taken or updated.
7. The asking price in the market is a varying % above what is available. That varying % depends on the asking BF price. So if the market price is 5.00 I might be looking for 6.2 and I’ll wait and see if its gets accepted. But if the price is $60 I want to be able to increase that by say 50% and would be looking for 90 before the bet is placed.
8. Those asking prices are updated on a periodical basis. That periodical basis is a countdown according to the time left before the race is scheduled to start.
9. After placing the best the BOT will settle on the next race in the exclusivity period – I use about 5 minutes. Prior to that, it rotates in the market
10. If I don’t get matched I take SP.

1. Batches able to be cancelled via excel push button- don’t want to go into BF to cancel.
2. Want to be able to specify the number of bet splits per race per selection. Thus 1 selection for say $10 bet may be broken down to 5 x $2 bet splits and introduced at different times to get best price average available. Thus the 5 selections per race may turn out to 25 individual bets.
3. I can tailor the excel csv or spreadsheet with the selections any way that is needed
1. Selections
2. Mkt %
3. Number of bet splits
4. Premium % over required over back price before bet is placed
5. Bet size
6. Time gap before bet is resubmitted
7. Exclusivity period
A big day would be about 500 selections and they would come in automatically over 3-4 batches and 1-2 hours apart.
The BOT replicates me sitting at the computer, entering selections race to race and trying to get the best price for a number of selections and then going race to race.
Thus I finalize my selections about 1 before the first race and the BOT takes care of the rest

anyone out there please ?

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