Obtaining Support

99% of all the support requests we get are caused by problems on users' computers or are covered in the user guide or in our knowledge base. To speed up the solution of your problem, please spend some time reading the guide and the help below before contacting us.


Bet Angel User Guide

The user guides contain over 100 pages worth of information and advice on Bet Angel professional.

You can download the user guides here:

  Bet Angel Professional
Including Soccer Mystic & Tennis Trader


Knowledge Base

We have probably come across your issue before. Search our knowledge base here. For example, the error message 'Bet Angel Authentication Successful. However, unable to connect to Betfair' can be answered in the knowledge base.


Install Latest Version

Check you have the latest version of Bet Angel. See our download Bet Angel page for details.


Check Betfair Status

If your connection seems slow it is likely to be one of two things - your local ISP or Betfair are carrying out some maintenance work. We can link to all ISP's. However, you can check the Betfair status here. http://service.betfair.com



If you are having connection difficulties, please download and run our diagnostics software. This may give a clue. If any test fails then check your firewall settings and make sure you are connected to the internet and that Betfair is not offline. See above.

You can download our diagnostics software here.




Contacting Customer Support

We aim to answer all email enquiries within 24 hours - Monday - Friday. Limited support is available at the weekend and you may not get a response until Monday.

Support is available only in English.

Please note that we cannot offer telephone support and that our core support hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 6pm UK time.

In order to ensure your request ends up with the right person quickly, Please select items from the drop down menu plus any additional information that will help. All queries submitted are answered by email.


Search the Knowledge Base

Before contacting support, use this quick form to search the knowledge base. It is likely your question has been answered already and the knowledge base will contain more details.
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Contact Support

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Please avoid using Gmail and other free email services if possible. Gmail users report lengthy delays in getting a response and interpret this as a non-response. We respond to most email within 24 hours.
Check List   I have installed the latest version
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    I am logged into the correct wallet: UK or AUS *
Note: For some Australasian tennis events you need to be logged into your Australian wallet.
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We CANNOT advise on strategy nor provide tuition.

Please provide as much detail as possible using clear sentences.

Include details such as : -

  • Any error messages
  • Your Bet Angel log



To eliminate spam, please perform the following calculation:

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To avoid frustration and to ensure you have not missed an email from us add "@betangel.com" to your safe sender list in your email software.

We always aim to provide the highest level of technical support but we CANNOT give advice on your chosen strategy nor offer comment on specific bets.

For speedy resolution please not that you should first attempt to refer to the USERGUIDE or KNOWLEDGE BASE before contacting support.

*We need your Betfair username as your Bet Angel account is tied to this. We do NOT need your Betfair password. Please do not share this with anyone. See - Why do you need my Betfair username?


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