Bet Angel Support Options

If you have a question regarding how to use Bet Angel, our cutting edge Betfair trading software, you have many options.

Instant Answers

Use our cutting-edge AI support tool to provide instant assistance 24 hours a day seven days a week. It's the fastest way to get a quick answer to a problem.

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Contact Support

Getting stuck? Raise a ticket via our support system. Find the answer you need or get support from our experienced team of support agents.

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User Guide

Constantly updated, the Bet Angel user guide is a great place to get started with examples and in-depth instructions showing how each feature works. PDF also available.

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Bet Angel Community

A vibrant and active Betfair trading community. The user forum is a great place to ask questions, search for similar solutions or just chat to other traders.

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Bet Angel Videos

Built up over many years, our YouTube channel contains a large library of YouTube Betfair trading videos covering all aspects of trading on Betfair, plus extensive demonstrations of how to use all the features of Bet Angel.

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Bet Angel Academy

The Bet Angel Academy has many FREE online courses for those who wish to learn to trade or take their trading to the next level. From a crash course in using the software to learning how to approach markets.

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