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Example spreadsheets and comments on example spreadsheets.
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One thing about Betadq has been bugging me for a while now. Lack of race type information. If you are doing any analysis on your results it comes in handy when you need a breakdown by racetype. Attached sheets add that info. In I4 you can see that the 14:20 Huntingdon is a Handicap Hurdle.


1. If you look at sheet 2, row 1 in columns I:AL lists all? the UK race types (if you need add any extra columns you'll need to change some code parameters for it to pick up on the extras).

2. Columns A:D use the standard "import from web", if you delete these it won't work.

3. Row 3 cols I:AL contain the formulas that are copied down to the rest of the sheet, again, delete these and nothing will be returned.

4. I've left the hyperlinks in as you can click on a horse to taken to the webpage for it's form or the race to be taken to the details for that race.

5. It looks at the time only to get the necessary information.

6. If you want to use on multiple sheets, just copy the formula in I4 to each sheet
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