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This works perfectly, but with this setting for the intial back bet it no longer activates my lay bets
Check that the time the rules can run eg -10s -> 0s etc is long enough for Guardian to have completed a cycle.
If you had 50 markets loaded, with a refresh of 200ms Guardian would only 'look' at each race once every 50 *200ms ... once every 10s. If you have things set to run between -2s -> 0s that rule might get missed.

I'm not quite sure what you're doing but if you search for Fill/Kill in the user guide it explains that with an offset bet, it can either place the back and lay at the same time....or wait till one bet is filled before placing the other side.
Thanks for that. I got it working hallelujah, however the final rule to hedge up seems a bit troublesome.

I need it to hedge up when odds drop below a certain price, after the previous lay price has been matched. It is successfully triggering once the price drops below the price set, but a lot of the time its missing out on hedging up for a profit as it didn't catch it in time.

Do you know if i can set it so the last lay price i got matched acts as the actual trigger to get ready to green up if the price drops further to the point i set? I believe this is offsetting? This is what i do manually when doing it and it catches the price 99% of the time, as the lay stake is already waiting. Is it possible for automation? Thanks again for the help

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