Bet Angel - FAQ's : Running Multiple Instances of Bet Angel & Testing Strategies

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When you take out a Bet Angel subscription or free trial it is licensed to your Betfair user name.

What this means is that you can open as many instances of the software as you wish - either on one computer or across several computers/devices for no extra cost when logging on with the same Betfair user name.

Just download and install the software onto any computer you want to use it on and log in as normal - there is no need to re-enter any serial numbers or activate any free trial again as these are both linked to the usename your logging on with.

This is a great way for you to spread out your day’s activity using either different computers or the same one, for example having one instance doing one thing like testing a strategy in practice mode or running some automation while manually trading the live markets from another instance. Another advantage to this is it enables you to test multiple variances of a strategy on the same markets and see the effects of any subtle changes made.

On an average day I will have one instance of Bet Angel open on my main computer for manual trading, another instance or sometimes two on a busy day running automation on a VPS, and anywhere between 1-3 more instances on another computer running in practice mode testing and tweaking future strategies.

To open additional instances of Bet Angel just click on the same icon you would to open the log in box (see top image) and sign in again – and repeat this each time another instance is required. Your computers performance is the only limitation as to how many instances you can have open and run at any one time.

A word of warning, Betfair don’t like it when users constantly use practice mode without ever placing any live bets and they can and do limit the data feeds to user’s accounts when they see this happening a lot.

So if using practice mode especially a few instances at the same time ensure you place some live bets from time to time to keep your Betfair account in good standing. Even for the newest of trader there is plenty of markets with little risk that you can put a few trades through and even quickly scratch for zero profit or loss.

Since the introduction of the API-NG about two years ago Betfair’s old limit of 20 calls per second before incurring charges has now been removed so you are able to refresh all markets using the fastest available refresh rate of 200ms - providing your pc can handle it! The only charge to still be aware of is the total number of transactions you do per hour which is detailed further in this thread.
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