Betfair Exchange API : Ladder prices are not tick sizes?

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Sun Aug 18, 2019 11:21 am

I am currently learning python to better interact with the Betfair API.

I am occasionally encountering prices that are not standard Betfair Ladder sizes (eg. 6.54). I did some reading and there is a setting for PriceLadderType in the listMarketCatalouge which I assume is the issue.

I thought I had successfully added "PriceLadderType":["CLASSIC"] into my JSON request but I am still encountering the problem.

copy and paste of my code: (with + concats) just for information

Code: Select all

market_cata_request = '{"jsonrpc": "2.0", "method": "SportsAPING/v1.0/listMarketCatalogue", "params": {"filter":{"eventTypeIds":["' + str(eventTypeID) + '"], "marketCountries":["GB"], "marketTypeCodes":["WIN"], "marketStartTime":{"from":"' + now + '"}},"sort":"FIRST_TO_START","maxResults": ' + str(maxResults) + ',"marketProjection":["RUNNER_DESCRIPTION","MARKET_START_TIME"], "PriceLadderType":["CLASSIC"]}, "id": 1}'
I have very little experience with anything other than the 'CLASSIC' increments. Can anyone offer some advice or sample code of their JSON request that would help me resolve the issue?

Kindest Regards, ... tCatalogue

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