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Servants, just tap your bell to call them.
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For this example I’m going to use the ladder screen to demonstrate a Servant downloaded from the Shared Servant files and show how quick and easy it is to start one using a single key stroke and how it can then carry out a job far more effectively than any human could and putting you on par with those running fully automated systems.

The Servant I’m going to use is called ‘ASC Fill the Gap’, which can be downloaded from the link below, that thread also details exactly what the Servant does but ill give a brief re-cap further below anyway.

The Servants job is to spot a gap between the back and lay price and if one appears fill the gap on the side the WOM is most favourable, if matched it will offset by 1 tick with greening, if it’s not matched within 10secs it will be killed and will trigger again if another gap appears.

When a gap does appear, there is also a condition which determines if it’s a back or lay bet that’s placed. The condition is that the WOM on that side of the book must be greater than 70%

So, with a gap between the back and lay price and 72% WOM on the lay side a lay bet is placed to be offset with greening if matched, if the WOM had been 80% on the back side then a back bet with offset greening would be placed. If there was a gap and neither side had over 70% then no bet is placed.

If your not sure how to download and import a servant see this thread for full step by step details

After downloading the 'Fill the Gap' Servant, the first thing to do is assign it to a shortcut combination that you will use when you want to start it.
With the Automation Manager window still open click the shortcuts tab and select the required Servant as shown in the image below.

Image 1.JPG

For more ways of starting a servant see this thread.

To use the servant on a selection on the ladder screen whichever selection your mouse cursor is hovering over at the time you press your combination keys is the selection it will run on, it will also use the stake you have chosen for that selection at the time it was started.

Once a servant is successfully started you will hear a bell ring, a status light next to the selections name will appear and the bell boy icon will also change colour.
In the image below I have chosen to start this servant on the front two in the betting.

Image 2.jpg

The servant will now monitor those selections and without getting bored or wavering from its task it will wait patiently for its criteria to be met then trigger its bet accordingly (freeing you up to do something else).

Eventually a gap appears and for a brief millisecond the lay side went over 70%, this was all that was needed for the servant to trigger a lay bet into the gap, in the image below this has just been fully matched and the offset has now been placed 1 tick higher at 2.74.

Image 3.jpg

The servants now done its job, and this is the beauty of them - you can now take over and manage the position, if it ever looks like the offset is not going to be matched or the trade is going to go against you then you can step in anytime and scratch the position or take a small 1-2 tick loss.

Mean while the servant is still monitoring the other selection watching for an opportunity there. Or as soon as the offset of this trade is matched, or you have manually closed the position it will begin watching for another gap to appear on this one again.
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