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Get the ladder set up exactly the way you like it.
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Here is a ladder settings file which when imported and used will display your ladder screen exactly as you see it in the image below including the matchstick charts on the side of the ladders, embedded Betfair charts at the bottom of each ladder and volume charts at the top displaying volume columns and average volume filled from the base over the last 60secs.

Each cross-over price is also highlighted in a darker shade using a 'Marker', and as bets are matched the 'Last Traded Amount' is also displayed in the white cells

Basic Ladder.JPG

To use these ladder setting’s click the Basic Ladder with Embedded Charts.bls file below to download to your computer, then whilst on your ladder screen click the ‘Spanner’ icon to open the ladder settings editor and in the top left corner click;
Settings > Import Ladder Settings
Import Ladder Settings.JPG
Basic Ladder with Embedded Charts.bls
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To display the back and Lay columns in the colours shown you will also need to download and import the following settings file into your main settings area, once downloaded to your computer in the top left corner of your screen click
Settings > Import Settings
and select the file from your computer
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You'll then need to import the advanced chart settings file to display the 'Volume' chart above your ladders, to do this once downloaded to your computer in the top left corner of your screen click
Settings > Edit Settings > Charts > Advanced Charts
Advanced Chart Settings.JPG
Once the 'Advanced Charts Editor' window opens in the bottom left corner click 'Import'
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