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We were all new to Bet Angel once. Ask any question you like here and fellow forum members promise not to laugh. Betfair trading made simple.
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For new users who would like to join the forum please read the following:

- The forum is separate to your Betfair and Bet Angel accounts and requires registration. Your Betfair username and password will not work. Please register here: ucp.php?mode=register

- Once registered you will need to verify your email address before you can log in. This is done by the system sending you an email. If you provide an incorrect email address then you will not be able to gain access.

- Check your email address carefully. It seems that some people are misspelling their email address. This can be frustrating on both sides as the verification email mentioned above will not arrive. You can try registering again if this is the case.

- Your first post will be moderated and will not appear until approved by me or one of the team. If you mention kitchen sales or your amazing betting system you will not get approved.

- Don't be afraid to post. We welcome any trading related post and most of our forum users are friendly people.

- Your question may have been asked before. Be sure to use the search system above.

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