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Bet Information Areas

The Bet Information area allows you to configure how your matched and unmatched bets are displayed for each selection on your ladder screen
There are two Bet Information areas available for you to customize giving you full control of how they are displayed, to begin in the 'Bet Information Area 1' click the 'Show Area' box, then you can use the options below that in the 'Display Configuration' to display how your matched and unmatched bets are displayed on your ladders.
Show Area - Tick this box to enable the information on your ladder
Add Border - Adds a border around the information area
Border Colour - Sets the colour of the border
Rows - Specify the number of rows of matched/unmatched bets you want to display
Row Height - Sets the height of each row
Allow Scrolling - When ticked this will add a scroll bar to the Bet information area, when unticked only the recent number of bets equal to the amount of rows specified will be displayed
Sort - Chose your sort preference by either bet reference ID or the price of your matched/unmatched bets
Odds Font Size - Select a font size to use for the matched/unmatched odds
Stake Font Size - Select a font size to use for the matched/unmatched stake
Content - Chose whether to display matched bets, unmatched bets or both and if to display them in a split screen or combined
Style - Allows you to specify the arrangement of the displayed information on each row (e.g. Price then Stake, Stake then Price, or in some cases Aligned with the back & lay bets of the ladder itself).
Unmatched Bet Cancellation - Specified if and how unmatched bets can be cancelled directly from the unmatched bets area
Show Unmatched Bet Persistent - When enabled this will show a bet persistence indicator next to each unmatched bet in the form of a single letter (C = Cancel, K = Keep, S = Take SP), right clicking on the letter will open a menu were you can change the Bet Persistence for a single bet, all bets on a selection or all unmatched bets on all selections in the market.

Example 1

In this example I have used just the Bet Information area 1 and configured it to show the unmatched bets on the left and matched bets on the right as shown below

Example 2

In the next example I've used both Bet Information areas and split the unmatched bets only into the Bet Information Area 1, and the matched bets only into the Bet Information Area 2