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Bet Angel - Settings tool

The settings govern certain characteristics of Bet Angel and the way it interacts with the market. Most of the settings are covered in the respective areas of this document and are specific to very certain functions and capabilities. When initially installing Bet Angel, take some time to get familiar with the various settings and configurations possible.
It is possible to save different profiles, so if you have two users who use the same machine you can have your own personal settings. Or you may choose to have different settings for horse racing and football. And something else again for tennis or golf.
Being able to choose different settings profiles makes it easy and convenient to set up Bet Angel to your personal preferences. Also you can import or export saved settings, this is handy you use multiple PC's and laptops as you can quickly transfer them between each one without the need to recreate them from scratch
Import a settings profile
To import a saved settings profile click 'Import Settings' and navigate to the folder you have it saved in
Export a settings profile
To export a saved settings profile  choose its name from the pick list next to 'Load settings' and click 'Export Saved Settings
Main Settings Editor
To call up the main settings window click the 'Settings' tab in the top left corner then on ‘Edit settings’.
From here there are ten tabs or sections of settings that can be configured.