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Bet Persistence / SP & Keep Bets

The unmatched bets area allows you to modify and manage unmatched bets but it also includes the ability to convert your them to get matched at Betfair SP (Starting Price), or to keep the bet through a market suspension and into the inplay phase of a market.
If you have unmatched bets there are three possible things that can happen when the market turns in-play:
If you have any unmatched bets they will appear on the unmatched bets area at the bottom of the screen.
There is a column here called “At in-play”. As already mentioned, the default is for all bets to be cancelled when the market turns in play unless you modify them with a Keep or Take SP feature. If you wish your bet to be carried over to the in play market, simply select “keep”. Alternatively you can take the Betfair SP price by clicking “Take SP”.
Tip: If you modify an individual bet you need to instruct Betfair of these changes by clicking the 'Submit Changes' button. Bet Angel reminds you that you have modified but not submitted by changing the status to the colour red.
By using “Take SP” your bet is guaranteed a match, but you are not guaranteed at what price it will match. By using “keep” you will retain the same price and stakes but you will rely upon the in play market volatility to get your bet matched.
If you have a series of bets in the unmatched bets area you can globally apply these characteristics by clicking on “Keep all” or “Take SP all”. All unmatched bets in the unmatched bet area will modify and adopt the new characteristics; there is no need to submit changes.

Video Tutorial

If you select 'Keep All' or 'Take SP All' then submit a further bet that remains unmatched you will need to change the Take SP or Keep status of the new bet by clicking on these buttons again.