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What If P&L

The 'What If' allows you to see what your profit and loss would be prior to placing a bet on the one-click and manual bet screens. Once enabled when you hover your mouse cursor over any of the back/lay prices (as if you were going to place a bet) the software will display the predicted profit/loss a matched bet at this price using your current stake and staking method would be.
This can be very handy if your opening up multiple positions and want to see how an additional bet will influence and change the profit/loss on your existing bet(s) - you may then want to adjust your stake or staking method prior to placing the bet.
In the image below I have a £100 back bet stake selected for the 3rd fav and have my cursor pointing to place a back bet at the price 6.8, you can see in the 'What If column for this selection its showing I would win £580 and if any of the other selections wins I will lose £100.
Now I want to offer a lay bet on the 2nd fav at the best reverse price (6.2), for £25, as I point the cursor over this cell the 'What If' figures have updated to show the new predicted P/L on all selections if this bet were to be placed and matched.
To display this whilst on either the One-Click or 'Manual Bet' screens click the 'Column Chooser' Icon ,  the following window will then open and at the bottom of the list you will find the two 'What If' options.
What If - Back / Lay Choice (this will display if its a back or lay bet your about to place)
What If - Projected Profit / Loss (this will show how the P/L is effected on all selections if you place the bet)
For details on enabling and seeing the 'What If' profit/loss on the ladder screen please see the following page