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Calibrate the system

Click on the ‘Calibrate’ button.
This allows Bet Angel to study the market and choose the best algorithm for approximating future prices in your chosen tennis match.
Do this just before the start of a match or during a break in play. Make sure you don’t calibrate the software during periods of play or when the server is about to perform a second serve. Only use the calibration tool before the start of a match, during a break of play or before the first serve in a point has been struck. You may also wish to calibrate the software again during a match as market conditions change. A change in market conditions e.g. an injury, or where the odds are slightly out of sync with the software or where a fundamental change has taken place. Calibration works better when the market is NOT at very short odds for either player.
Calibrate Settings
Next to the Calibrate icon is a spanner symbol. If you click this it will open up the advanced calibrate settings editor.
The default seed values provided in the software are suitable for most situations and are based upon the chance of the players winning a point. If you have researched tennis and have lots of data and statistics on each player you may feel  this seed value needs adjusting. The percentage chance of a player winning a point can vary so advanced users can adjust this as they see fit.

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