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Updating the current score

Scores are updated automatically where the score feed is available from Betfair.
If you need to update the score manually, this is how you would do it: -
Clicking on the ‘+’ next to a player’s name will register a point as won for that player. From here we can model certain scenarios. If a point is challenged or overruled then you can click on the ‘undo’ button to step back a point.
When you call up Tennis Trader you will need to set the current score. In this illustration you can see I’ve just linked to a game.
This particular match was halted overnight so I need to set the current score. I do this by typing directly into the score fields or by using the up and down arrows . I can also set the current server by clicking against the correct player in the ‘Server’ column.
When the game commences I can update the score by clicking on the ‘+’ button next to the relevant player.
This will add one point onto the score and automatically update the games and sets scores as the game progresses.
If at any time I leave the game and miss a few points I can enter the correct score as above by typing the correct values into the relevant fields.