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Coupon Panels

The ‘Panel’ page is where you can configure how your coupon's panels will be displayed.  A panel is a vertical pane within the coupon which will be displayed side by side.  You can add as many as you wish. Each individual panel can be fully customised to control which markets are displayed in it and the sort order used etc. 
When required each vertical panel has its own scroll bar so each can be scrolled independently.  If needed the scroll bar usage can be linked together so that having moved one scroll bar, the others will move to keep the panel displays in sync (keeping all events aligned).
Market Title Style
Beginning with a 'Primary Panel' (the first panel on the left) your first option is to choose the market title style you wish to use for markets in this panel.
In the next two images you can see how the first two options would look, the third of course shows only the market name.
Event Name - Market Name
Market Name - Event Name
Override Display Settings of Watch List
This setting is handy if you trade various different sports and/or already use Watch Lists and have your display options already set up, here you can configure the coupon panel to ignore the watch list's own settings and use ones you specify in this coupon design.
For example; if creating a Football coupon you're unlikely to want the 'Silks' or 'Tennis Scores' columns displayed so it would make sense to use 'Override Display Settings of Watch List' and deselect those columns, so that they are hidden any time this coupon is used.
Override the Markets Sort in Watch List
Similar to the option above, if you already use Watch Lists and have the markets sorted and saved in a particular way, this option will let you override those settings for this coupon panel only and allow you to specify a Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary sort.
Market Types
Here you can choose to show all market types in a panel (which would be very similar to an existing regular Watch List), or you can specify exactly which markets you do want to display in the panel by clicking the icon, a window will then open (shown below right) listing the market types which fitted your filter criteria, from here you can tick the ones you would like to display in this panel of your coupon.
If you want to change the order those market types appear, just select one to highlight it then use the 'up' & 'down' arrow icons to change its position relative to others. In the image below you can see how these four markets will then appear in the primary panel on your coupon.
Override Sort Order of Watch List
The final option lets you override any existing selection sort order you may have saved on your Watch List, in the image below I've chosen to do this and to sort the selections in the markets in this panel in order of favouritism

Additional Panels

Once you have finished configuring your Primary panel the next step is to return to the top and click 'Add Panel' and repeat those steps until you have set up all the panels (vertical panes) you need for this coupon.
Or if most of the settings used on your Primary panel will getting used on your Additional Panel use the 'Copy Panel' button and then make whatever small edits are required, this may just be a case of changing what market types appear in the new panel.