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Coupon Custom Columns

The 'Custom Column' page allows you to add your own custom columns to your coupon to display bespoke information, this includes displaying preset information for the market and selections, Stored Values and History Lists or your own Entered Text.
When you open the Custom Column tab the first option you'll see allows you to set the width used for your Alert column, the Alerts themselves are configured using the Parameters tab of the rules editor when an 'Alert' rule type is used.
To begin adding your own custom columns to display in your coupon click the icon to the right of the upper window, the lower half of the window will then display the options available for configuring the custom column, you can add as many columns to a coupon as you need. As you add them you can change the order that they appear in the coupon using the up/down green 'arrow' icons at the side of the window.
A custom column has three sections, each of which can be individually configured: the top header row of the watch list for the market, the second header row, and the block of rows representing the selections in the market.
Each row can display from the following list of items
Entered Text - Input your own static text
Market Information - Choose from a preset list of available market information. For example, book%, number of selections, number of matched/unmatched bets, number of selections etc
Selection Information - Choose from a preset list of information about a specific selection. For example, Jockey name, Trainer name, Selections name, form, age, weight, headgear, SP, VWAP, etc
If you chose a selection 'by position' you'll be given the option of choosing which sort order will be used by this column, this allows for different columns to use different criteria for sorting which are also decoupled from the main sort used by rules for Servants and Automation.
Also when using this option on a header row, you will also need to specific as to which selection's information you want to see.
A Shared Stored Value - Display a Shared Stored Value set by an automation rule or servant rule
A Historical Stored Value - Display a value held in a History List set by an automation rule.
The final option you have for each row is to choose a background and/or text colour, here you can use the default colours, a fixed colour or use a Value Based Colour Settings file you have saved


In the images below I've created two custom columns, the first (on the left) will display some market and selection information in the Header row 1 and Selection Rows, the second column (shown on the right) will display some Shared Stored Values from a rules file in Header row 2 and the selection rows.
In the final image below you can then see how these custom columns would appear when this coupon is used
NB, When using multiple panels in the coupon, the choice of which of the defined custom columns to display can be made on a panel by panel basis