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To access the Coupon page and select a coupon, first open Guardian and tick the 'Show Sidebar' window, then select the 'Coupon' tab from the bottom of the sidebar.
When you first install Bet Angel it will already contain several example coupons in the coupon pick list ready for you to start using straight away, these are all denoted with the prefix 'Ex:'
In addition to the pre-installed coupons you can also create and save as many of your own coupons as required (or edit any of the pre-installed ones) using the Coupon Editor.
The editor is launched by clicking on the icon next to the pick list, the following couple of pages of this guide will show how to do this and explain all the options available to you when creating a coupon.
Before looking at the coupon editor and creating your own customized coupons let's first look at how to use.
Applying and Using a Coupon
Once you select the coupon that you want to use from the coupon pick list, Bet Angel will find and display the markets fitting the coupon's filter criteria in the lower window.
You can see in the image below the coupon selected has found 33 markets which fit its criteria.
Below that window are four pick lists which you can use to configure how the markets are then added and applied to Guardian and the Coupon.  Which you choose will depend a lot on whether you intend to give Guardian a secondary task (such as running Automation on different markets) or whether you wish to display multiple coupons at once.
Loading Pick Lists
The first option is whether to 'Clear any existing markets you have in Guardian and Watch List', 'Clear markets in Guardian only', or 'Don't Clear'.
If you only intend adding and using one coupon at a time the best option would likely be to 'Clear any existing markets you have in Guardian and Watch List' this way you won't have unwanted markets in Guardian or Watch List from a previous session.
However if you intend loading more than one coupon and perhaps want to run automation on the markets loaded from the two coupons you'd then need to use 'Don't Clear' so the markets from the first coupon still remain in Guardian.
The second pick list option is to specify if all the markets you see in the window above are to be added to a coupon or if you'd like to manually select from those markets which will be added to a coupon.
Or you can choose to 'Add Selected Markets Only (select in Guardian)' or 'Add all Markets (select in Guardian)' these options will pre-select the markets as they are added to Guardian which makes it easier to add Automation Rules to only those markets (whether by keyboard short cut or via the Guardian header menu)
The third pick list allows you to specify which Watch List (1 to 5) you want to apply your coupon to. It's therefore possible to display up to 5 different coupons each having found and loaded their own markets each in there own Watch List.
The last pick list option lets you specify a sync option, this allows you to either override, use or ignore the current 'Sync with Guardians List of Markets' option on the 'Watch' tab on the main Guardian banner.
In the image below left the coupon 'Ex Soccer >50k Vol Multi Column' has been selected, notice in the bottom pick lists I've used 'Clear Guardian and Watch List' added all 33 markets and 'Applied the Coupon to Watch List 1'
In the image below right the coupon 'Ex HR-UK Win & Place - 2 Column' has been selected, this time in the bottom pick lists I've used 'Clear Selected Watch List Only' (So the markets for the first coupon will remain in Guardian's list and these will be added to but it will clear Watch List 2 to ensure there are no left over forgotten from a earlier session still lingering), all 71 markets are then added and 'Applied to a Coupon in Watch List 2'
We now have 2 sets of markets loaded in to Guardian (one for football and one for racing) each in there own coupon in 2 different Watch Lists, these can then be positioned anywhere on your screen or minimized to your taskbar until required.
Once markets have been applied to a Coupon and Watch List even if they are removed from Guardian they can still be refreshed using your 'Background' refresh rate which can be set in the communications area of your main settings.
To see a detailed example of using coupons to monitor multiple markets please see this Blog

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