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Keyboard Shortcuts Editor

Bet Angel allows many of its features to be mapped to keyboard shortcuts.
The keyboard shortcut actions cover features such as: Bet Angel screen display, bet modification & cancellation, trade closure & greening, staking, ladder & one-click settings, layout & settings profile changes.
Click on the green plus icon to make a new shortcut, select a category followed by an action related to that category from the drop down menu's, once you have chosen these click on the "Capture next keystroke box" and press the key you would like to assign this action to.
Add or remove additional shortcuts using the green plus & minus icons and when finished and to save a new profile click the disk+ icon and enter a name for the profile, to save changes to an existing profile click the disk icon
Move short cuts up or down the list by highlighting one and clicking the green up/down arrows, not only does this allow you to keep your shortcuts organised it is also to control the order of processing when multiple actions have been assigned to the same keystroke. 
In that situation, they are processed from the top of the list downwards.
When capturing a keystroke combinations of Ctrl, Alt & Shift are supported in conjunction with the usual alphanumeric keys.
Some actions are context sensitive and track your mouse movement,
Example: If you assign "close trade on selection" to keystroke X then pressing the X key will close the trade on which ever selection your mouse cursor is currently hovering over.
It's possible to assign multiple shortcut actions to the same Shortcut Key so that when you press the key, the actions get processed in the order they are defined in the editor.
For example you could use this to apply a number of different automation rules to different market types in Guardian. ie, you could assign a shortcut key to select all the Match Odds markets, then assign the same key the task of applying a chosen rule to those selected markets, then assign the same shortcut key to select all the Over/Under markets and finally the same shortcut key again to apply a another rule to those markets types.
So you have created a sort of macro where with just one press of a key four tasks will be performed
To see a step-by-step example on how to configure a shortcut key to do this please see this post from our Forum.

Video Tutorial