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Creating buttons

If you wish to create a button to trigger a bet or action in Excel you can do so quite easily. To create automation in Excel you need to create a macro, sounds scary, but it isn’t. A macro can be programmed using some sort of coding skill but for those people who have even thought about writing code on a computer there is a much simpler solution.
Let us assume that we want to produce a very simple piece of automation. We want a button that will place a back order when we click it. We will use the same spreadsheet we created before but instead of using a formula in the order instruction cell we will use just plain text. If your spreadsheet was active and you wrote in the order instruction cell ‘BACK’ it would place a back order into the market. What we are going to do is use a simple piece of automation to simulate the same thing. First you need to record a macro.
Go to the Developer menu on Excel and select ‘Record New Macro’. You may need to add the 'Developer' tab. See here for instructions how to do this - http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/vstudio/bb608625.aspx. You will be presented with a box which asks you to name the macro and assign a shortcut key. At this stage you do not need to assign a shortcut key but you should name the macro. Once you click the ‘OK’ button on the record macro dialog box it will immediately hand control to you. At this point the macro is recording your every move! Click on the ‘order instruction’ cell and type the word ‘BACK’. When you have done this locate the ‘stop recording macro’ box and click the stop button. You have now recorded your first piece of automation.
Now locate the 'Insert' button on the ribbon and click on the button icon. Drag your mouse over the area where you would like to see the button. When you have done this a button will appear and you can name the button and assign the macro you recorded to this button. If you want to modify the button simply right click the button. You have now created an automatic trading button tool. Whenever you left click this button your macro will be run instantaneously.