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Creating automatic trading functions

Because Bet Angel uses a scripting language, before you can create a button or auto trading tool you need to ‘parse’ the instruction to place in the instructions fields of Bet Angel. By ‘parse’ we mean that you need to construct a ‘sentence’ that Bet Angel will understand. Parsing is usually hidden but for demonstration purposes we will list all the details on the same area of the spreadsheet we are designing.
The tool we are going to create is a really simple automatic trading function. We have two rules that we want to set for this tool to be ready to fire a bet into the market. The first rule is that we want is for the weight of money to be favourable on the back side. The second rule we want is that there should be less than £100 remaining on the price we will back at. We have set up two ‘if’ statements which will display a ‘1’ or a ‘0’ depending on whether these rules have been met; in effect we have created a truth table. If the sum of these two values equals two then our conditions have been met and the order can be placed. If only one of these conditions is met, nothing will happen.
We create a final IF command to check the status of the two conditions and if that is met it populates the order instruction cell with the word “BACK”. If the criteria are not met then nothing is displayed in this cell and Bet Angel will do nothing. With these conditions and this text in place Bet Angel is now in a position to execute an order automatically. Orders, as previously discussed, are executed from the ‘Bet Angel’ spreadsheet and therefore we need to link from our spreadsheet to the instruction area to issue our order.
That process is very simple, you go to the selection you want on the ‘bet rules’ area of the ‘Bet Angel’ spreadsheet, press “=” and then locate the order instruction cell on yourself designed spreadsheet. When you have pressed the enter key, both spreadsheets will be linked and sharing information with each other. An order instruction issued on the main spreadsheet will now trigger an order from the ‘Bet Angel’ spreadsheet.