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Downloading and installing Bet Angel

If you wish to download your software you have two choices. Downloading in one click or saving and storing the software before installing. If you want to keep a copy of the software for multiple installation then using your mouse, right click on the appropriate link and use the 'save target as' option. Confirming will download the software onto your computer; make sure you remember where you downloaded the software to! The software is contained in a self-extracting exe file. When downloaded double click on the exe file and the installation process will begin. Please follow the on screen instructions and use this guide from step two. The simplest way to install Bet Angel is to install it with one click (as detailed below)
One click downloading and installing
Step one
Locate and click on the download link you see at http://downloads.betangel.com or the link you have been provided with. After a short period to download the software, the speed of which will vary according to your Internet connection, the following dialog box will appear.
Click on the 'Run' button.
Step two
Depending upon your security settings you may see a message regarding file security. Click options and allow the file to install or run.
Follow the instructions on screen.
Upgrading (repairing) or removing Bet Angel Professional
If you are installing Bet Angel for the first time then you will see a confirmation screen and asked to agree to our license terms and conditions. If you have a previous version of Bet Angel installed you will be given the choice of overwriting your existing version by choosing ‘Repair’ or performing a fresh installation by removing the previous version. Make your choice as appropriate. If you chose to remove Bet Angel you will need to perform the installation routine again.
Before using Bet Angel Professional you will need to agree to the license agreement which Bet Angel is sold under. Read the terms of the agreement and then click next.
Choose where you would like to install Bet Angel. Most people tend to leave this to the default setting. If your computer has multiple users make your choice of whether the software should be universally available.
Click Next and 'Install' to confirm the installation and your software will be installed and ready to use!  On certain versions of Windows you may see a security message checking that you wish to install into the Program Files area, you just click 'Yes' to continue with the installation.