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Registering Bet Angel


Activation of your Bet Angel account

Your subscription starts from the point of registration not from when you purchase. You can purchase and register a few days prior to a current subscription expiring without losing any days (the expiry will just be extended automatically).
The software is not locked
This means you can install on new computers and/or other computers as many times as you like. Registration of the serial number activates your Betfair username on our authentication servers. So when reinstalling you will not need the serial number again. Just log in with the username that you originally registered.
Step 1
Double click on the Bet Angel icon on your desktop.
Step 2
You will see the login dialogue box. Click on the link marked 'Register Bet Angel using serial number....'
Step 3 - Free Trial. Skip to Step 4 if you have purchased Bet Angel.
The Free Trial does not require a serial number, your account will be activated when we have received your request for the trial. Please note that only one trial per person is allowed.
After entering your Betfair User Name and Password a new window will appear asking you to associate a verified e-mail address with your Betfair Client ID. This is a one time process and will make the activating of any future subscriptions much quicker and easier for you.
Registration Using Serial Number
If you have purchased Bet Angel you will be sent a serial number via email. Once you have installed Bet Angel Professional follow these instructions to activate your account.
Step 4 - Purchased
Click on 'I have a serial number......' You will now see a registration box in which you must enter the serial number sent to you along with the Betfair account username and password (for account verification). Your account password will NOT be stored or sent to us.
Once you have entered your details click on the 'Register Account' button.
If you have not already done so a window will appear asking you to first associate a verified e-mail address with your Betfair Client ID.
This is a one time process and will make activating future subscriptions much quicker and easier. Otherwise Immediate access will be granted and a confirmation message will appear on your screen.
Step 5
Once you have registered you can return to the Log In screen. Enter your Betfair username and password in the boxes; remember passwords are case sensitive so ensure you do not have CAPS LOCK on.
Click on 'Log In'.
You can now enjoy using Bet Angel Professional.
Subscriptions do not automatically renew, instead to continue to use the software after expiry you must purchase another from our website.
Shortly before your subscription expires you will begin to see a reminder message upon each login telling you exactly how long you have remaining on your current subscription.
When you buy a new serial number if you have previously verified the e-mail used Bet Angel will be able to look up the serial number for you automatically and as your current subscription approaches expiry will offer auto-activation on the next login without requiring the serial number to be entered by hand.

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