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Fill or Kill Bet Time

This condition allows the automation rule's trigger to be filtered by the amount of time since Bet Angel was last managing a fill or kill bet on the selection. The time can either be specified in the condition or use it can use a time held by a Stored Value.
This condition is particularly useful when trying to prevent unwanted second bets from triggering on a selection when using global settings and offsets. 
There will be a delay between the initial bet being filled and the offset bet being visible as an unmatched bet in the market (the exact time depending on Betfairs  in-play betting delay for that market type and your Guardian refresh rates). During this time the Number of Unmatched Bets condition would not see any unmatched bets in the market, potentially allowing a new bet to trigger.
In addition to entering the number of seconds as a fixed value you can also use a time held by a Stored Value this effectively gives you a variable delay, for example you could Store the Value of Betfair's in-play bet delay then check that value with this condition.
As the in-play delay differs sport to sport this condition will adjust accordingly, for example if the rule was applied to a horse racing market the Stored value for the in-play delay would be 1sec (as there's a 1 second delay on racing markets), if it was applied to a Tennis market the stored value would be 3secs (as there's a 3 second delay on tennis markets).
In the image below the rule would only by allowed to trigger if it's been more than four or more seconds since the fill or kill timer expired (or the initial bet was filled).
In the following image the rule would only be allowed to trigger if the time since a Fill or Kill bet was handled by Bet Angel is greater than the value held by the Stored Value named 'BF_delay'