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Fill or Kill Bet Time

This condition allows the automation rule's trigger to be filtered by the amount of time since Bet Angel was last managing a fill or kill bet on the selection.
This condition is particularly useful when trying to prevent unwanted second bets from triggering on a selection when using global settings and offsets.  There will be a delay between the initial bet being filled and the offset bet being visible as an unmatched bet in the market (the exact time being based on in-play betting delays and Guardian refresh rates); during that time the Number of Unmatched Bets condition would see no bets in the market, potentially allowing a new bet to trigger. To avoid an unwanted second bet, it is recommended that this condition be used to cover the time before the it is known whether the offset bet has filled or not.
In this example, the rule would only by allowed to trigger if it's been more than three seconds since the fill or kill timer expired (or the initial bet was filled).
Note: If using global settings to automate markets with long in-play delays such as Soccer, we'd recommend using a time of 10 seconds or more.