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Advanced automation (Triggered betting)

Advanced automation is a great way to automate some or all of your betting or trading activity in a sports market.
You can get the automation triggers in Bet Angel to enter a trade, exit a trade or execute complete trades fully automatically all day long! Perhaps you have a job and do not have time during the day to bet or trade or perhaps you have a strategy that requires fast reactions to a price move, either way automation is a good way to approach it.
Automation is simple, you simply create a rule to suit your needs. The rule is controlled by the use of simple commands based on logical instructions. You can decide when you want it to trigger and how often.
When you use automation, you create a named file for your rules. The file can include specific rules to open a position, close a position or hedge (to name just a few). You can put many rules into one file for use with any market that you choose in Guardian.
The simplest way to explain advanced automation is to create a rule.