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Group Conditions

By putting conditions into groups you can control how they will be tested, it's up to you if you want to group all or some of your conditions together and how many groups you want to use, groups can also be nested if required (see further down the page for an example).
To create a group of conditions start by clicking 'New in the bottom left corner of the conditions tab then using the 'Conditions Type' pick list select 'Start a New Group of Conditions'. You will then be able to select from the following four options how the conditions within the group will be tested, if your from a coding background these options represent  AND, OR, NAND & NOR respectively.
In the following image I've created a simple group of conditions where just one of the conditions I've added needs to be true for the rule to trigger, ie, this rule would trigger if there are either more than 6 runners OR the race is less than 2miles (16furlongs).
Once you have finished adding the conditions you want in a group you need to select the condition type 'End Group of Conditions' to close the group. Those conditions are now grouped and you can create another or add further conditions outside the group.

Nested Groups

In the image below it shows I've nested one group inside another to achieve the following for the rule to trigger; the market must have more than 6 selections and the selection in row 1 must be priced > 4.0 and any of the selections in rows 2 or 3 or 4 must be priced less than 1.75.
NB; Any conditions NOT contained in a group must all test ‘True’ for the rule to trigger.