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Historic Relative Odds

This condition allows the automation rule's trigger to be filtered by how the price or volume of one selection at one point in time compares to itself or another selection at a different point in time.
Once you have chosen which selections and what to compare against the bottom options of this tab allow you to make adjustments of Plus, minus, multiply by and divide by to derive a final value of ticks, odds, amount or percent.
This is a very powerful condition and can be used to detect if a price is drifting or shortening over time and/or the volume is increasing quickly enough.
ie, you could test if a price has shortened more than 10% in the last 5 minutes, or if the  volume has increased by more than £5000 in the last 60 seconds.
In the screenshot below the rule will only trigger if the back price of 'Gonnabegood' is currently greater than the price it was five seconds ago plus five ticks.  This could be attached to a Place Lay Bet rule so that the selection is laid if it has drifted more than five price ticks in the last five seconds.
Tip: To further filter the trigger, add multiple conditions testing the price against different points in time to detect a more persistent drift.
This condition can also be used to compare the prices of two different selections.
This screenshot shows the initial options you have
In this example the condition will monitor how 'Gonnabegood' compares to 'Breaking Ground'.  It will allow the rule to trigger only when the 'back price of Gonnabegood' = 'back price of 'Breaking Ground' - 5 ticks'.  So it would trigger if, for example, 'Gonnabegood' was priced at 2.0 and 'Breaking Ground' was priced at 2.10.
In this final example the rule will only trigger if the volume of the selection in Betfair Row 1 has increased by 10% or more in the last 30 seconds.
There is no limit on the number of Historical Relative odds conditions that can be used, so you could test not only for a price move but also that there was a significant volume increase on the selection at the same time