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How to use predictions

The key benefit of TennisTrader is to effectively see the future and understand how this affects your trading position. This allows you to carefully manage your risk in the market and helps you to identify new trading opportunities.
For example,  in the following game we can see Hewitt is currently leading by a set to and is leading the 2nd set by 3 games to love. Chardy is serving for the current game in play.
What will happen if Chardy turns this set around and goes on to win it?
We can see this in the ‘Wins Set’ predictor section for that player.
So BEFORE IT HAPPENS we now know  the likely match odds should Chardy win the current set.
This enables us to see what risk is involved if we open a position. For example, you could place a lay bet on Chardy at the current price knowing that if he goes against play and wins the set your risk is still manageable.
Arranging Scenarios
If you wish to keep your favourite scenarios close to the top of the screen you can place a ‘tick’ in the check box as in the illustration above. This will move that scenario to the top of the screen underneath the ‘Current Score’.
You can see in the illustration below I have selected to use a custom score scenario and the ‘Andy Murray Wins Game’ scenario by placing a tick in the relevant boxes. This easily allows me to keep an eye on what will happen if the game goes to Andy. The custom box allows me to quickly enter a ‘what-if’ score and see what the likely odds will be should circumstance arise.
To see a detailed example of how Tennis Trader can be used to identify a trading opportunity see this example from our forum