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Game & Set Matrix

The Game Matrix tab within Tennis Trader will present you with a visualisation of how the game may progress and the likely odds available at all the possible POINTS outcomes of the game.
For example, in this match below we can see the current score of 0-0 over on the left. The current odds are displayed underneath - in this case 3.2 for the player highlighted in YELLOW and 1.45 for the player highlighted in ORANGE.  As the matrix progresses towards the right you can see the possible scorelines and paths to the game being won by either player.
This can be a tremendous help if you are about to open a position within a game. You can see at a glance all the possible odds that could occur as the game progresses.
The Set Matrix tab is similar to the Game Matrix but this time it shows all the possible GAME outcomes the set progresses. When you look at the matrix it allows you to understand where the odds may be given certain scenarios.
On the left is where the set begins and as the set progresses it could follow any one of the paths as it moves towards the right where the set is won by either player.
As you update the scores, the Set Matrix will remove from the matrix the paths that are no longer possible. This allows you to concentrate on possible outcomes only.