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Linking multiple spreadsheets

There is no obligation to only operate functions only from the Bet Angel section of the standard spreadsheet template. In fact you can operate and link multiple spreadsheets back to the Bet Angel data source in Excel. This gives you the benefit of viewing information in a way that you would like to see and that is unique.
In this example we have linked the spreadsheet to a race and can see the selection ‘Romany Princess’ is in cell B9 of the Bet Angel spreadsheet. Bet Angel has populated the spreadsheet with this data so what we are seeing is the output of data to the spreadsheet by Bet Angel. It is possible to dynamically link to this data from within the same workbook. Doing this allows us to change how the data is represented and how we instruct Bet Angel to act on that data. In the next screen shot we have set up a new spreadsheet in the same workbook by clicking on the ‘Sheet2’ tab at the bottom. By clicking somewhere on this new spreadsheet we can import data across to the new spreadsheet. In this case I have entered the formula ='Bet Angel'!B9 into the cell. By doing this Excel reads data from cell B9 on the ‘Bet Angel’ spreadsheet. As we have already seen this is the name of the selection from that sheet, therefore the new spreadsheet displays the name. By copying and pasting this reference you can pull in the other data as well, whether it is the odds, the names, your P&L or any other detail on the main Bet Angel spreadsheet.