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Manual Bet and Green up.

There will be occasions when manual betting in a market is preferable. Bet Angel Professional provides the ability to place multiple simultaneous manual bets and  green up on selections within a market where stake calculation needs to be quick.
Note that the manual bet screen is simply an alternative layout of the one click grid. The 'one click' option can be turned off and the mouse pointer then becomes a price selection tool to populate the manual odds column.
If you wish to back or lay the entire field in a market you can check the boxes at the top of the manual bet section marked ‘Set all odds to’ and ‘Stake all with’ then enter values in the relevant boxes.
For example, if I would like to enter a back bet of £2 but at odds of 1000 across the field I would set it up as follows:
And click on the ‘Back All’ button.
This will place multiple simultaneous back bets across the field at my requested price of 1000. These will sit in the unmatched bet area from where I can further manage them if required.
A similar use might be if you want to place a lay bet of £2 at odds of 1.01 across the field:
And then click on the ‘Lay’ all buttons.
Be careful when using this method. Carelessly clicking on ‘Back All’ when you intended ‘Lay All’ could prove costly.