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Chart Synchronisation

When switching from market to market you may wish to keep charts open on your screen rather than close them and reopen them.
Bet Angel allows the charts to synchronise with the current market loaded into Bet Angel so that when you switch markets the charts will switch also.
In addition, if you wish to keep an eye on a chart from a different market, you can open a chart in that market, select not to synchronise that particular chart and then switch to the new market. This way you can keep track of multiple charts from multiple markets.
In this image you can see several synchronisation options:
1 – No sync
2 – Ladder 1,2 or 3
3 – Sync with market
If no sync is selected then the chart will remain looking at the runner or selection you originally clicked on even if you change market. **
If you choose to sync with the ladders then the chart will display the data associated with the runner or selection chosen in the ladder interface.
If you choose to sync with market then the chart will change and link to the relevant runner or selection in the new market. For example, if the chart was looking at the 3rd selection in the market then it will look at the 3rd selection in the list in the new market. Note that this is determined by the order provided by Betfair and will not include and sorting you may have chosen.
Synchronisation can be applied to the Betfair charts or the advanced charts.
NOTE: If you choose ‘No sync’ and wish the chart to continue to update even though Bet Angel is no longer looking at the market, you need to ensure the market is added to Guardian by clicking on the  button. Also ensure that Guardian is set to a reasonable refresh cycle and remember that the chart will only update once per cycle. For example, if you have 10 markets in Guardian and the refresh cycle is set to 1 second then the chart will now update once every ten seconds.