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Number of Matched Bets

This condition allows the automations rule's trigger to be filtered by the number of bets currently matched (or Partially matched) on a specified selection or in the whole market.
Note: On betfair the number of matched bets is the total number of unique bet references on the selection that have been either partially or fully matched.  e.g. If the only bet placed on a market was a £10 bet and only £3 of that was matched, then the number of matched bets would be 1.  If another £5 was matched a few seconds later then the number of matched bets would still just be 1 (as the number of bet references that have been partially or completely matched is still just the one).  If you were to then place a new bet (generating a new bet reference) that was completely matched, the number of matched bets would increase to 2.
Tip: This value can be reset to 0 by using the Checkpoint Matched Bets rule