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Practice Mode

Bet Angel Professional has a practice mode which is selected by choosing ‘Practice mode’ in the login screen.
The practice mode allows you to become familiar with all features of the software and place practice bets without risk. The market data is from Betfair but no bets are placed on the exchange, they are all matched 'locally' on your computer.
Bet Angel uses unique technology to provide a second to none 'real feel' of using the exchange. However, it must be stressed that actual trading on the exchange can never be 100% accurately replicated as real bets will affect the market and thus behave differently. Using smaller and more realistic stakes will offer a better feel for the markets.
When using practice mode, the global settings area will display an ORANGE background colour, the account balance area in the bottom right hand corner of the screen will have the words ‘PRACTICE MODE’ displayed and the application title will have the words ‘PRACTICE MODE’ appended in the title bar area.
Note that continued use of practice mode for prolonged periods may result in Betfair account suspension or restriction due to the similarities this raises with commercial use. To avoid this keep your betfair account funded and place a real bet every so often. A 'restricted' account will have no matched volume information and will be given delayed price information by betfair.