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The Bet Angel Desktop screen

Having logged into Bet Angel you will be presented with the Bet Angel trading screen. This is where most of your trading activity will occur and you will use it to focus in on a single market, refreshing prices rapidly.  Its header area allows for the configuration of global settings, staking and profile selection as well as being the launchpad for other tools such as Guardian, In-play Trader, Tennis Trader etc.  The main area of the screen contains pages dedicated to different styles of interacting with the market (e.g. One-click, Ladder, Dutching etc).
Bet Angel Desktop
The first page you see will be the Bet Angel Desktop; this is our information portal.  It links to our web site to bring you current information, advice, and support material about Bet Angel. There are links to the User Guide, Bet Angel TV and our Blog; all of which are very good places to start learning about trading on betting exchanges and the use of Bet Angel.
We will always highlight the latest version of the software on Bet Angel Desktop (you can check which version of Bet Angel you are using be clicking About in the Help menu).
Internet browser
At the bottom of the desktop you will see there is an Internet browser bar.
Using this area you can navigate the Internet as normal and this helps you perform other functions, such as reading your email, from within Bet Angel without the need to start up your internet browser. When you start trading we advise you to concentrate on your market activity as e-mail web browsing etc can distract you!
Starting your betting and trading activity
At the bottom right of the desktop screen is a button ‘Select a market and start betting’. Press this button and Bet Angel will display a list of markets for you to select.
If you cannot see this button, your screen resolution could be too low. This means the bottom of the Bet Angel screen is out of view as  Bet Angel is slightly off centre. All monitors offer optimum resolution so ensure yours is set correctly. In windows you can simply right click your mouse on the desktop (not within Bet Angel) and then select Screen Resolution. Ensure you have chosen the Optimum setting. The screen shot below is from Windows 8 and earlier versions may differ slightly. A simple Google search of "Adjusting screen resolution for Windows X" (Enter your version in place of the X) will show you a method.
You can also select a market by using the “File” menu at the top left of the screen. We also show you a neat way to select horse racing markets using Guardian later in this guide.