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Profit & Loss Reports

The Profit Report feature allows you to gather data for later analysis. In the screenshot below you can see the the Advanced Settings highlighted
If you wish to have reports, simply put a check mark in the box "export reports on market closure" and Bet Angel Professional will handle the rest.
NOTE: The report will not generate immediately after the finish of the event. Betfair must close the market and then the report will be generated.
If you wish to view the data, simply click on "Explore reports folder" and a File explorer window will open as below. This shows reports from 6th October 2015 (06_10_2015)
Now you are exploring any folder or file as is normal with Windows. If you double click on the folder it will open and show more folders as below
You can now open the folder relevant to you and it will display a list of Excel*  files to allow data analysis. In the screenshot below I have chosen Profit and Loss reports
* NOTE: We do not supply a copy of Excel, that is a Microsoft product and you are responsible for its provision.