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Bet Angel - Guardian

To start Guardian from the Bet Angel trading screen just click the button.
Bet Angel Guardian is a multi-market interface for Bet Angel which allows you to trade multiple markets at the same time. It cycles through each of the markets that you add to it, refreshing prices and bet information.  It manages any global settings that you have applied to bets in those markets. It also runs Advanced Automation, integrates the markets with Excel, populates Watch Lists, Coupons and gathers charting data in the background. 
It's a great way to work with multiple markets; any market that you add to Guardian will be managed in the background, allowing you to quickly switch the Bet Angel trading screen to any market of interest.
There are a number of sports events that start at multiple times such as soccer, cricket or tennis matches. Guardian gives you an effective way to monitor and trade multiple positions in those markets simultaneously.
The market list of Guardian is also fully customizable allowing you to add/remove columns you need, this includes columns to apply up to five automation files to each market, up to five nominated selections for rules to run on and up to five columns to display alerts. You can also create your own custom columns to display a range of preset information for markets and selections or to display Stored Values and values held in History lists.
Guardian Screen
The image below shows Guardian's Market Selection sidebar on the left, the Ribbon Bar at the top.  The main display area has the Market List in the top half with the total number of markets currently in Guardian displayed on the 'Markets' header tab. When you select a market from the Market List, it's details will be shown in the bottom half of the display area, for more specific information for that market (Odds, Bets, Automation, Log) you can use the tabs along the bottom of the window.
In order to get Guardian to manage a market you need to add a market to Guardian. There are several ways to do this: -
If you are using the main Market Selection tool, find and select the market you are interested in and click on the icon on the top of the market selection window. This will automatically add the selected market to Guardian and confirm this action with a text indicator at the bottom of this menu. When the confirmation text appears you should also hear a sound. This means your selected market has been added to Guardian. Do not double click on the market or click the "Switch to market" or it will load directly into Bet Angel without adding it to Guardian.
If you currently have a market on your Bet Angel trading screen you can add it to Guardian by using the Guardian buttons located on the main ribbon.
Click on the   icon to add the current market that you have on your screen into Guardian.
Click on the icon to open Guardian from the main Bet Angel screen.
Adding Markets in Guardian
Markets can also be added into Guardian in bulk from the Guardian Market Selection window