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Risk Meter

The meter has been developed after analysing data for thousands of races over several years. Bet Angel can now detect if a market is behaving ‘normally’ or is behaving in a manner that is not consistent with the usual make up of that market. It does this by using complex calculations and our own algorithms developed over that time.
If the meter is reading around 50% then the market is behaving as expected. A lower reading would indicate lower volatility than expected and a higher reading would indicate higher than expected volatility in the market. Therefore a high volatility value would indicate greater uncertainty and higher risk.
You can choose to use this to your advantage. A higher volatility may mean higher profits may be available from the market but at greater risk. A lower risk reading may mean smaller profits are available but may be available many times over.
Be aware that the meter does not take into account loose horses, sudden withdrawals or other market anomalies which could affect the reading.
The Risk Meter is not available for all markets and will only work for UK Horse Racing Win markets on Betfair.

Video of Using the Risk Meter