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Market Overview Screen

Betting exchanges provide lots of information that could be useful when deciding how to trade a particular market. Bet Angel Professional can now display a wide range of information from last traded price to volume percentages.
Column Headings
Name - Name of market selection
Back - Currently available back price
Lay - Currently available lay price
L.T.P. - Last Traded Price. The last price matched on the exchange.
I.P.% - Implied Probability (1/L.T.P.).
High* - Highest traded price.
Low* - Low traded price.
Range % -  Where the current price sits in the range between high and low prices.
For example if the range is 3.0 – 3.6 and the current price is 3.6 the range will read 100%. Or  0% if current price is 3.0.
Volume - Actual amount of money matched.
Volume % - Per cent of total market volume traded on that particular selection.
Proj. SP - Projected Betfair Starting Price.
Actual SP - Actual Starting Price (populates once event is underway).
*A volume filter has been applied to High and Low traded price to remove low volume price spikes.
The chart and information windows can be undocked and re-arranged. For example, the risk meter can be detached and floated above your trading window by moving across and clicking on the drawing pin icon -
 Double click on the window to detach and move (Double click on it again to restore) See illustration below. Once you have arrived at a screen layout you wish to keep, click on the ‘File’ menu item to save the layout.
Overview Chart
The chart contains a long view of the market based upon last traded price. The chart can 'Auto Zoom' to frame the selected prices or can be manually zoomed by using the slide controls on either side of the chart area. Use the mouse to adjust the sliders and familiarise yourself with the use of the charting area.
You can highlight each selected runner by hovering the mouse over the chart line. The price shown next to the horse name will be the historical price traded at that time and is not the current price.

Video of Market Overview Screen