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Sort columns by price via column header

Sort by name, price or any column.
If a column header is clicked upon then the grid is sorted by the values in that column. This means it is possible to sort the field alphabetically if you click on the 'Name' header. Or you could sort by price by clicking on the back or lay header. You could also sort by stall number in a horse race or even saddle cloth number.
To sort by price order click on the column header marked 'Back'
Here, the field has been sorted by saddle cloth number by clicking on that column header:
If sorting by dynamic values i.e. In play  then be aware the order can change rapidly. An example is a win market for a UK horse race. If you have selected to sort by price and there are two or more runners at the same price then these can rapidly flip position meaning you could accidentally choose the wrong horse. This is particularly true of the Horse Race is in play!

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