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One Click Trade Profit column and Greening Up

The 'Trade profit' column allows you to see your net trading position in the market if you were to close the open positions at the current price.  It can be found to the right of the selection's name and current Profit & Loss.  The values will be displayed in green when positive and red when negative.
Usage (choice of two modes)
a) Green All selections (also called Hedge up or Cash Out)
First tick the 'Green' check box at the top of the column - this now enables 'Greening' via the Trade Profit column.
Below the Trade profit column header you will now see the predicted profit or loss if you were to 'Green Up' all selections at the current market prices - as the odds of the selections change so to will this figure until you have 'greened up'.
To start the Green All selections process all you need to do is click one of the figures under the Trade profit column header. The software will automatically check through every selection, calculating and placing the bet/s to green up any open positions, once done any profit or loss will be spread equally across all other selections.
Once you have successfully 'Greened Up' the figures next to the selections names will update and will now show the same profit or loss amount for each selection.
b) Close a trade on a selection
For this mode of usage, the 'Green' check box must be unticked.
Now each selection is treated individually and you can use its 'Trade profit' button to close an open trade. A trade will be considered 'open' if you have backed the selection with more money than you've laid, or if you've laid the selection with more money than you've backed.
The figure shown in the 'Trade profit' column for the selection will be the expected profit/loss from the trade if you close it now at the current market price. To close the trade just click that figure and Bet Angel will calculate place the appropriate stake required into the market to close the trade on that selection.
In the above image, Chantilly Pearl has a closing Trade profit of £4.00, if you were to press that button you'd see the P & L values next to the selections name change so that there was £4.00 profit on that runner and no loss on any of the other runners.  Effectively a free bet on Chantilly Pearl.
Note: If you have not backed or laid the selection then the 'trade profit' value will be £0.00.
When all trades are closed the P & L values under the selection name should match the values displayed in the Trade profit column. 
TIP: Remember that when the market settles you will win/lose the value shown in the P & L column against the winning selection.  We encourage you to Green All selections so that you win/lose the same amount regardless of who wins the market.
This image shows the same market once Green All selections has been used
It is not possible to close an open Back position on a selection if that selection does not have a lay price. (e.g. It's currently 1000.0 to back).
Likewise, it is not possible to close an open Lay position on a selection if that selection does not have a back price (e.g. It's currently 1.01 to lay).
This column is not designed to be used with the bookmaking or dutching feature.
When closing a trade or greening all selections, you should get into the habit of checking your unmatched bets.  If you are trading a fast moving and/or illiquid market, some of the closing bets may not be filled and you may have to close/green again.
To see a detailed example and video tutorial of this please see this thread from our forum.
For details on how to add custom buttons for example to green up at the reverse price and at custom ticks please see this thread from our forum.

Video Tutorial