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Sorting Watch List Markets

Once your markets have been added to a Watch List there are many ways to sort them and you can perform this to suit your own preferences.
By clicking the 'Sort' tab you can chose to sort either the markets and/or selections.
In the following image I've chosen to sort 'by volume (desc) so the market with the largest traded volume will now be at the top followed by the 2nd highest, 3rd highest and so on. 
Moving on to sort the selections order you can choose from any of the following options.
Here I've chosen to sort 'by back price (Asc)', so the selections in each market will now appear in order of the shortest back price, this allows me to keep an eye on the front 3 in the betting no matter how the prices move around.
Pro Tip Load all the markets into a watch list and display the front 3 runners. You now have all markets at your disposal and should an opportunity present itself you can instantly load it into Bet Angel. For example, a horse gets worked up or loose, or connections come on TV and say they are not hopeful; queue the drift!! I cannot stress enough how this can help you to not only spot an opportunity but how quickly you can load that market and start trading. There is no more searching for the market and loading it, simply glance at your watch list and click the icon of your choice. To quote a well known phrase "The early bird gets the worm!"

Saving you preferred watch list layout

As with normal profiles, Home, Office, etc. You can include watch lists when saving them. This allows you to have a different profile for tennis, Horse racing, football etc. Simply use the drop down list of profiles and select the appropriate sport.
I am sure you will agree this is a great aid to your trading, all the markets you choose in visible form and just one click away from loading into Bet Angel Professional ready to trade.