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Using Multiple Watch Lists

One of the useful ways to use the Watch List is to configure a watch list for different types of markets. For example, you could create a watch list to contain all soccer match odds markets and another watch list to contain all the over/under markets.
Using Guardian to quickly load up and sync a watch list is a quick way of creating your own set of lists.
And once you have multiple Watch Lists it is very easy to switch between different sports and markets at the click of your mouse button.
An example set up is as below. Here I have one watch list with the horse racing for today and another one showing the match odds for some upcoming Premier League soccer games.
Firstly, load up the day’s horse racing and tick the sync with Guardian's list of markets, once that's done un-tick this option as I am about to load some more markets.
This time I want to load up all the English Premier League match odds markets. Click on the soccer tab within the Guardian market selection tool. Search for matches containing ‘English Premier’. This will show games sorted by date. By right clicking on the dates I can quickly select all match odds markets.
Once they have been added to Guardian on the 'Watch' tab select 'Watch 2' then select each of the match odds markets and click 'Add Selected Markets to Watch List
Now I can display both these watch lists at once and use them to quickly switch between the markets displayed in addition to seeing the latest data from Betfair at a glance.